Hello. Come in! I’m Lena.

Well hello there!

Welcome to the Supplement SOS blog. This is going to be my new home on these-here internets, and I’m very excited about it!

red cabbage 300x200 Hello. Come in! Im Lena.

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I’ve been writing about food and health from a scientific perspective for around three years now. I’ve written for a bunch of different types of sites and quite a wide variety of topics–everything from body building to raw food dieting.

The thing I’m most excited about with this new project is that get to set the agenda. Supplement SOS is all about providing trustworthy information on nutritional supplements, but this little corner is about anything nutrition-related I’m researching that I think is interesting and important for people to know about (although if I’m feeling very generous I may feature the occasional guest post from John or Rosalin).

After reading about, researching, writing about and arguing about food and health for such a long time, the single biggest thing I’ve taken away is this: nutritional science is hard. Really hard. Even among experts, there are bitter disagreements and huge areas of uncertainty. And that’s not going to change any time soon: nutritional science is built upon inordinately complex chemical and biological reactions. The relationship between food and health in people is subtle, illusive and beset by thousands of intractable confounding variables.

That’s why my approach has always been and will always be data-driven, looking at robust clinical evidence to find answers to difficult questions. Given the woeful state of public education on nutrition, it’s really difficult for people to wade through the mire of misinformation and half truths surrounding “healthy eating” and find a realistic and sustainable diet based on solid scientific evidence. My hope is that through this blog I can do my (small) part to make that a little easier.

And I hope you’ll join me!


Hi! I blog about food and health for Supplement SOS. I like green vegetables, long walks on the beach and triple-blind placebo-controlled intervention studies with large sample sizes. Liked this post? Follow on Google+, Twitter or via RSS or email me!.

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