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John Shade

John Shade is a freelance health and nutrition writer whose work has been featured on a number of high-profile healthy lifestyle sites and newsletters. John has an MA in Economics and has studied the interaction between economics and environmental protection. As a result, he is particularly interested in the future of sustainable food production and using a healthy lifestyle to promote environmental responsibility. John contributes to the Supplement SOS database. You can reach John at john@supplementsos.com

Rosalin Klimek

lena 1 AboutRosalin has been writing about healthy eating for years. Most of her work focuses on vegetarian and vegan lifestyles and their particular benefits and challenges. Other passions include organic food, urban farming and yoga. Rosalin contributes to the Supplement SOS database. Email Rosalin at rosalinklimek@gmail.com

Lena Zegher

rosalin 1 AboutLena’s background is hard science, and she takes an unrelenting facts-based approach to dietary supplements and healthy food choices. Lena writes the Supplements SOS blog (and her opinions are her own!)

You can reach Lena at lena@supplementsos.com