The most consumed meat and fish in the USA

The following table shows the most eaten meat, poultry and fish in the USA for the year 2010.

Data are taken from the USDA ERS Food Availability (Per Capita) Data System and the Agricultural Research Service National Agricultural Library.

Calorie estimates are approximate. Each cut or preparation of meat will have a different calorie density. Because calorie information is not published for animal carcasses as a whole, I have substituted calorie information for the raw, ground version of that meat product.

For more information on what these numbers mean, or to download these tables in a different format, please visit the most consumed foods page.

The most consumed meat and fish in America

Meat (boneless weight)
Availability (lb per capita) (boneless weight)
Availability (kcal per capita)
kcal per 100 grams (approximate average)
Fish and shellfish15.78N/AN/A
 The most consumed meat and fish in the USA
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