The most consumed legumes in the USA

The following table shows a list of the most eaten legumes and pulses in America.

Calorie values for dry beans are approximate, and based on the USDA estimate that a 2lb bag of dried beans provides approximately 24 half-cup servings of cooked beans.

Data are for the year of 2010 and are taken from the USDA ERS Food Availability (Per Capita) Data System and the Agricultural Research Service National Agricultural Library.

For more information on what these numbers mean, or to download these tables in a different format, please visit the most consumed foods page.

The most consumed legumes in America

Total availability (lb per capita)
Total availability (kcal per capita)
kcal per 100 grams
Pinto beans (dry)3.274716318
Green peas2.72100181
Peas (dry)1.792773341
Other beans (dry)1.61N/AN/A
Navy beans (dry)0.841275336
Black beans (dry)0.54848349
Red kidney beans (dry)0.47673318
Great Northern beans (dry)0.26319275
Lima beans (dry)0.11134265
 The most consumed legumes in the USA
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