The most consumed grain products in the USA

The following table shows the most eaten grain products in America in 2010.

The information in this table is taken from the USDA ERS Food Availability (Per Capita) Data System and the Agricultural Research Service National Agricultural Library.

The pounds-per-person statistic represents the equivalent weight of a grain product used in the production of food for human consumption.

Therefore, grains used to produce flour, sweeteners or other food for human consumption are included in this figure, but grains used to produce animal feed, alcohol or for other non-food purposes are not. The USDA considers the production of alcohol a non-food use, even when the alcohol is for human consumption.

To avoid double-counting, corn products used to produce sweeteners (glucose, high fructose corn syrup etc.) are not counted under grain products but instead under the caloric sweeteners category.

The most consumed grain products in America

Availability (lb per capita)
Availability (kcal per capita)
kcal per 100 grams
Wheat flour134.68207711340
Corn products33.1054200361
Oat products4.708298389
Barley products0.671042345
Rye flour0.48753349
 The most consumed grain products in the USA
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