African Mango Reviews

Last updated: March 3, 2013

There are loads of different brands of African mango extract on the market. It can be really hard to know which one to buy without some trustworthy African mango reviews. That’s why I’ve put together this detailed review page of both African mango extract generally and particular brands like African Mango Plus and Pure African Mango.

African Mango Extract Reviews

African mango extract is the general term for weight loss products contain an extract of the plant Irvingia gabonensis. It’s been shown in clinical trials to cause weight and fat loss when taken at 300mg per day for ten weeks.

I’ve drawn on my own experiences and read the reviews of and spoken to hundreds of people who’ve tried African mango extract for weight loss. Here’s what I’ve found.

  • It doesn’t work right away. Unlike other chemical appetite suppressants like caffeine, you don’t see the results immediately. African mango extract is a natural product that takes effect gradually. You can expect your appetite to be smaller within one to two weeks. Lots of people report that during this period, their cravings become more manageable and it’s easier to resist snacks like sugary treats.*
  • The earliest time that people commonly report seeing some weight loss is after three to four weeks of taking African mango extract. There are a few people who say they lose weight a little faster, but for most people it takes three weeks or longer. At this point, there are lots of people commenting that their appetites are much smaller and they find it easier to make healthier food choices.*
  • After six to ten weeks is when some people report really remarkable weight loss of 10lb-20lb or even higher. This is the time when people in the African mango medical study lost the most weight, so if you decide to try African mango, it’s definitely worth sticking with it for this long.*

African Mango Plus Reviews

African Mango Plus is one of the biggest suppliers of African mango extract. They ship all over the world, so they’re used by many people in countries where African mango extract isn’t available in local stores. There are many positive African Mango Plus reviews, but I decided to investigate for myself.

Each capsule of African Mango Plus contains: 150mg of African Mango Extract, 225mg of Green Tea Leaf Extract, 135mg of EGCG and 200mg of Caffeine.

The amount of African mango extract is right on the money–150mg is exactly how much extract was used per serving in the largest African mango extract weight loss clinical trial.  African Mango Plus recommend you take two pills per day just before eating, which again is similar to how things worked in the clinical trial.

The other ingredients in the capsules are all commonly found in other weight loss products. The only thing to worry about is that 200mg is quite a lot of caffeine. That’s roughly the same amount as two or three cups of coffee.

African Mango Plus advise you to leave at least 5 hours between taking your last capsule of the day and trying to get to sleep. Presumably, this is to allow time for all that caffeine to wear off so that it doesn’t interfere with your sleep.

However, for people who don’t drink a lot of coffee or tea and aren’t used to caffeine, taking African Mango Plus may cause some jitteriness or restlessness at first, along with difficult sleeping. Most people say that their bodies adjust within a few days, but people who are especially sensitive to caffeine should be very careful.

Even people who regularly drink coffee should consider switching to decaf while taking African Mango Plus, otherwise they might well end up taking in a total of 400mg or 500mg of caffeine per day, which is an awful lot.

African Mango Plus offer a money-back gaurantee. If you send back your product within 60 days, you get a full refund (but you have to cover the shipping costs). However, this only applies to unopened bottles. If you’ve opened the bottles and then decide you don’t like the product, you’re out of luck.

All things considered, I give African Mango Plus a positive review. The amount of African mango extract per capsule is just right and they clearly state all the ingredients and quantities on the label, which is a great sign. The only thing to keep in mind is that this product may not be suitable for people who don’t react well to caffeine.

Pure African Mango Reviews

Pure African Mango is a product sold by ANR Health. It comes with a 60 day money-back guarantee that they describe as “unconditional”.

First things first: “Pure African Mango” is just a name that ANR has chosen to sell this product under. There’s no reason to think that it’s any more or less pure than any other brand of African mango extract.

Next, there is a major concern with this brand of African mango extract. There is no mention of the ingredients of this supplement on the Pure African Mango webpage, the ANR Health page, or even product descriptions at online retailers.

For whatever reason, ANR doesn’t seem to want to advertise how much African mango extract is in their product, and what the other ingredients are.

In my opinion this is not a good sign. A company should be proud of their product and tell you exactly what goes into making it.

For this reason, I would steer clear of Pure African Mango.

African Mango Diet Reviews

So that’s it for my reviews of African mango extract products. Check back soon because I’m adding more all the time.

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 African Mango Reviews
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